• cherish_remi 41w


    My tender heart got swift away.
    Came swiftly, yet I chose to walk into it, Not falling, not rushing
    Not crushing, not racing.

    Yet I choose to stay intact
    With my heart so choosy

    "I'd rather stay single than get my heart broken again" I said to myself.

    Hey I got a phobia once, called "Philo phobia "
    Was too afraid to love.
    Once bitten twice shy
    So I tread carefully
    This time being more careful.

    Until he came gently
    Smiling and grinning
    "Get lost" I said at first.
    Yet he observed every bit of me.
    Knew my pains, hurts and scars
    Yet he stayed patiently being my friend.

    Until the day I couldn't help but stare
    Staring, pondering what kind of being he is.
    Till a day came,
    my tears got dried off
    Eye leash, eye ball wide open in awe
    "Gosh I love you" said i at last.
    "Please don't leave me broken like others"..... I said smiling right on the alter we did exchanged oaths