• iprefernottosay 5w

    Trigger Warning.

    The blade is calling.
    I say that, but I do not yet know if it is a blade.
    Maybe a shard.
    Or an edge?
    No matter what it is, it's calling.
    "Blood... you want to see it. Don't even lie to yourself. "
    I'm not lying.
    I miss the rush.
    The feeling.
    The sight.
    I miss it.
    It's odd.
    I tell myself, that, when I'm older, I'll go back to it.
    That I'll have my release back.
    But will I?
    Will I have the blades, shards and edges?
    I do not know.
    I don't know if I'll have anything or everything.
    Seeing the scars, the blood, the meat, the opening...
    Seeing it all excited me.
    The thought makes my mouth water.
    Oh, how I miss it.
    I miss it dearly.
    But, sometimes, you just gotta keep it a secret.