• sammiegirl 6w


    Now when I tell you I loved you, I meant it

    Swear on it that I loved you, never should of said it

    I should of hurt you, no nevermind, forget it

    When you told me you were molested,

    It was only a lie to hide who you were having sex with.

    You used it against me,
    All probably cause you regret it,

    A reason so selfish you rather have it hurt me,

    So you don't have to stress it.

    Honestly, HONESTLY it was something you should've led with.

    The whole time you getting back at me, for what? Those who you cheated with made you feel rejected.

    And I, don't get it you work so hard to not give yourself any credit?

    You might think I'm jealous, no,
    I knew something was up the second I looked into those beautiful eyes
    You were blessed with

    And I said you wouldn't see the love even if you were tested,

    It was right in front of you and you didn't accept it.

    It was stupid of you not to stay loyal even more stupid for me to expect it.

    What kind of fucking excuse is it happened because I let it?

    Spent my life trying to pick us up where you left it.

    Now look at you, you're pathetic.