• proper_noun 6w

    they had sworn that they knew,
    the know-how of their survival,
    while lying in each-others' arms,
    hiding the crutches of their forgetful memories,
    an excuse for their opportune vagaries,
    for it had to happen, a death awaiting in a bullpen;

    when asked about it,
    the answers were always equivocal,
    but they had a tinge of inevitability,
    like the sound of a death knell,
    eager to say but unsure of the way;

    call it the doing of a naive's inebriety,
    or an acute adroitness colluding in a revelation,
    the illusion of options, a masqueraded variety,
    a clichéd grandeur dwindling to a deterioration;

    a slow reduction of repulsion,
    to a fallout of the ages,
    the fools gulp the sulks,
    and the incriminating sips choke the sages,
    then they are vexed to efface,
    putting a pillow over the face,
    perhaps one would die tomorrow,
    whereas the other had definitely resuscitated yesterday!


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    the clocks still run,
    when the time's up,
    for a sacrifice that never satiates!