• _shweta 31w

    I wish, sadness could be poetic too. So that, I could paint it in colors of a poetry and let it go, rather holding on in this heart that could become so heavy one day.

    You can search in the corners of your life and let disappointment be your ally when nothing else seems to be working out. But by time, it too fades away, since you grow. You adapt with change, you accept new people. You move on somehow but at nights like this, you know where you are going to head. And it's sure, it's going to be the darkness.

    That is where you meet sadness. Unlike ego and anger, you can't blame the reactions. It is YOU and your insecurities that churn you from the inside. The mistakes you think you have made in the past and how hard you're going on yourself just because you don't blend in perfectly anywhere. That's sadness. And it couldn't be healed by writing poems. It is piteous and makes you cry and be angry at the same time.

    And when you feel like blowing it all out, you see the words mourning for the people you think you could hurt by the same words. Well, you know, how harsh the shattered pieces of your soul make noise at the very moment.


    PS : Ranting. Temporary post.

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    Sadness isn't poetic like love.