• toxicqueen 9w

    Night was settling on the
    Crevices of my neck awaking
    The part of your memories in
    The lullabies,
    I see your soft loyalty coated
    With your velvety lies were
    Woven in the beautiful beads
    Embellishing around my clavicle.
    Your crimson lips opened into a
    molten lava and my name was
    mercilessly melted in it.
    Your love was always like a hot-
    Stream from where I evaporated
    Without affecting the flow of
    Your cascade,
    I was always be a blank canvas
    For you where your tongue used
    To create an art to satiate your
    You used to say I see your naked
    Body just like a typical colors of
    Van Gogh's palette and I'm just
    Looking for the color of my pleasure.
    You ate the color of my happiness
    And left the words of Sylvia Plath
    In my every breathe.
    Your name has become the tremors
    In my veins whenever I think about
    It causes landslide in my brain.
    I chose not to think about you
    But whenever I see you other side
    Of my life smudge of sadness start
    To bloom into the beautiful peonies.
    My spine reflexes the juissance to
    My heart which was delaying the
    Spring since long.
    My words are an ocean of agony
    Only creates the poetry of heart-
    breaks they tell the world that love
    Is not piece of my life so the world
    Call me a heartless poetess.
    But where this art comes from
    Tells you my heartfelt poetry.
    Despite million times heartbreak
    In spite of causing my sadness,
    You'll always be the metaphor of
    My happiness.
    Because for me—
    "You'll always be the poem I'd love
    To carve on my epitaph".

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    You'll always be the poem I'd love to carve on my epitaph