• dipshikha94 5w

    #translation of the song #tum_hi_aana
    From the movie #marjavaan

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    The agony of your departure and
    not coming back is annihilating me.
    The world scoffs at me for my condition,
    And I don't know the remedy for my situation.
    My sleepless eyes wait for you,
    Long for you every night.
    But your news remains unheard of me.
    Memories have travelled for long
    By the lanes of my heart,
    But now its your time to return.
    Howbeit,come with the affirmation that
    you would never leave again,
    Yeah,its your time to return.
    When the shades of seasons
    pass through my door,
    The sunshine,the rain and even the wind
    only showers oceans of grief on my roof.
    You can ask me how it feels to live
    when your heart no more belongs to you.
    Memories travel drunkenly
    by the passages of my heart,
    Hey,its time for you to Return.