• skripture 3w

    Not Home

    As I lay alone in the darkness thinking you'd be home,
    Work should have finished a long time ago.
    To find out that you are still there drinking,
    Makes me think that we are done and sinking.

    It's not the first time either you've stayed behind,
    It's a much more common thing I did find.
    You say that you love me so very much
    Yet I wouldn't call what we have a relationship as such.

    We never see each other or spend quality time,
    I don't stay at yours neither you stay at mine.
    We don't fight as we don't get the chance,
    Rarely together there's never romance.

    We don't talk or chat to discuss our day,
    When we do there's not too much to say.
    I know what we are is no longer what we were,
    I don't really think with me you want a future.

    I don't help either by not giving it a chance,
    Not trying to fix us or wanting to advance.
    You were so focused before meeting me,
    Now we're different people can't you see.

    I think it would be best for us to finally see,
    We're not entirely right for each other you and me.
    You're new work life reminds me from where I came,
    And I swore to myself I'd never go there again.