• afamiliarvoice 10w


    Burning in what feels, like an eternal flame.
    Been here soo long, I know its name, called anger and rage.
    It always shows up on the worst times, of the day.
    And blanks me out, to where I dont know what I do, or say.
    It doesnt stop burning, until I play it's game.
    We're I get mad and destroy people, and things.
    Forever losing everyone, and everything.
    Then it goes away for the while.
    To let me be ok, and calm for awhile.
    Sometimes I can lose him if I walk, or jog for miles.
    But it will find it's way back to me, and make me all riled.
    Full ablaze, setting my soul aflame.
    It's constantly like this, every other day.
    Specially when someone provokes me, with what they say.
    It's slowly getting to me, and driving me insane.
    This feeling is destroying me, and tarnishing my name.
    Like both sides of a magnetic on opposite sides, pushing my brain.
    I hope I can find someone, or somehow to extinguish this flame.
    Because I'm tired of burning, forever charred.
    With anger and rage.