• raghavendran 5w

    Grandpa and Grandson
    Role Reversal

    Grandpa and Grandson
    Role Reversal

    I walked him holding his hand tiny
    In my hand, wrinkly and spiny,
    Along the uneven road to the park
    When the sky hadn’t turned dark;

    He had questions curious too many,
    Some of which bordered on the zany,
    I did answer him in my own fashion,
    With much laughter and gesticulation;

    Then one day he came to me running
    In a school dress quite stunning,
    Holding yet again his supple hand,
    I took him to school feeling grand;

    He sat with me to learn the alphabet,
    Such a charming kid and bright, I bet,
    I thought there was none around
    At least, no one by me was found;

    It was at the touch of his teen,
    As a tutor I lost my sheen,
    Of himself, he seemed confident,
    From his actions, it became evident;

    When his teens came to an end,
    Support he was ready to lend,
    For age has taken its toll of me
    And I had problems with my knee;

    Life in college had made him bold,
    Me he was ready to scold,
    “Why do you venture out alone?
    The dangers lurking you’d have known”;

    Now he walks me holding my hand
    And waits for me, when tired I stand,
    Teaches me the nuances of computer
    Like a wizard and a born tutor.

    Raghav R