• kratoos 9w

    With her charming walks and gleaming locks
    Gets my heart pounding while i call it mere subtle knocks
    But she doesn't know, the way shes looks at the ground
    While talking , makes my body no more than a cripple drowned
    All earthly laws, your beauty violates
    Witnessing its shine my pupil dilates
    When i first caught a glimpse of you
    Didn't expect you'd like me too
    But to my wonder , you were mellow from tip to toe
    Granting me some sort of heaven which i would not even deny a foe
    I want to embrace your mind , your body , your soul
    With which , a diamond be coerced from coal
    The word love , small and endearing, made of four
    Has in its clutches , a meaning much more
    Should i say " i love you "
    Or rather, "your smile impels me to do"
    (How may i describe my feelings bout you)
    If only some one , some how could rip my chest apart
    You'd find a light beaming towards your heart

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