• dqilyava 9w

    to all those girls..

    does anyone notice those girls?
    laying by the street
    no food
    no water
    no one to keep her safe
    she's a girl with ambitions too
    but why does no one see them?
    she's a girl who thinks highly of her future
    even if she knows it cant be true.

    are there people for her out there
    who sing lullabies for her when she goes to sleep?

    are there people out there
    kind enough to pick her off the streets?

    when she thinks her life is a waste
    are there people out there
    to assure her that her life was created for a reason?

    when she feels lonely
    does she have a shoulder to cry on?

    even when she knows she isnt good enough
    why does still try to stand up?

    because shes a fucking girl.