• mz_grinnage87 22w

    Hold Me Tonight

    Hold me
    Hold me so tightly
    I will never fear of you letting go
    I'm tired of being and feeling so alone
    When I am surrounded by so many
    Do you know how that feels
    It's hell
    Because no one understands
    Just because you're here
    Doesn't necessarily mean you're here for me
    So many people are asking for so much right now
    But I'm only asking for one thing
    Please hold me
    Hold me so tightly
    All of my brokenness comes together
    All of my fear starts to wither
    All of my coldness starts to melt
    Remind me that compassion is still instilled in some hearts
    Help me ignite a flame within my own
    ...Be there when I need you most
    Hold me
    You don't have to speak a single word
    Just listen to our breath and the soft thumping of our heartbeats
    Silence is the peace that I need
    But I cannot grant that to myself
    Because I am mentally destroying myself
    I am emotionally creating my own hell
    I am physically helpless
    So just hold me
    Hold me whenever I collapse
    Because you know,
    Sometimes I slip backwards
    Be there to push me forward
    Be there to help me up
    But tonight
    I don't need your soft caress
    I don't need a reality-forgetting kiss
    And I don't need to be taken to a Paradise
    Because I always look to that for an escape
    I need to face my fears
    But I fear I'm not yet ready
    And I'm terrified
    I'm so tired and hurt
    So all I need from you tonight my love
    Is for you to just
    Hold me
    Hold me tightly
    Until all of my brokenness comes together
    Hold me