• the_blissful_soul___ 6w

    One evening,
    They stood
    At the corner of the street
    Glaring at me
    With their
    Lecherous eyes.
    Their souls
    Filled with lust
    And minds
    Filled with venom.
    Whistling at me and
    Passing preposterous comments.
    Giving me a shiver
    Down my spine.
    My heart beating
    Faster than ever before.
    Clenching my sweaty fist
    I was rushing towards home.
    But those monsters
    Grabbed my scarf
    And I stood devastated
    In the middle of the road.
    And not a single
    Passer by helped me out.
    But the street animals
    Who are not grown
    By our patriarchal society
    Barked at them
    Till they went away.
    Months passed,
    Years passed,
    But the memory of that
    Eve still
    Haunts me.