• intergalacticat_ 10w


    #I can't sleep
    Neither can you
    Why not end this
    It makes sense to

    I miss you
    And you miss me
    This is killing us
    You have your key

    I can feel you
    Tossing and turning
    Same reason as me
    Our fire is burning

    Just get a cab
    I'll pay the fare
    We need eachother
    We come as a pair

    My toes are cold
    And my heart lonely
    It won't feel better
    Until this bed isn't empty

    Come on home
    It'll all be okay
    That's it now
    No more running away

    Love is caring deeply
    And stays during hate
    There's no off switch
    It's all about fate

    I promise to be all yours
    I will forever stay
    I love you to the moon and back
    Infinity times always