• poetic_ule 30w

    Is it writers block?

    Is it writers block?
    I ask myself a question
    No it is not.

    Then what is it?
    This feeling as if I'm tired.
    This feeling of numbness
    That resulted from losing grasp over the dreams I once had.
    Am I depressed again?
    Might be a side effect of the psychiatric drugs.
    I find momentary relief when I listen to music.

    I have known or perhaps I fake that I know.
    All about my condition.

    I do not love my work profile.
    At times I do not even enjoy writing.
    I went to the extent of saying "... stakes should go so high that I set fire to the page..." but I long for a muse not right now but when I think I'm free and have enough time to scribble a para or two.

    It cannot be writers block!
    All I need to do is reassign prorities and sort out life again.

    Life - they say you live only once. But, it's long that I've been living. Is living enough I mean animals too live. What's the use of such a life.

    I need to write more to know more.

    More about life.
    More about myself.
    More about what I want to do.
    And perhaps more about things when I speak a lot but say very little.

    Thank you for reading!