• outspokencritic 6w


    We know how brutal
    You are
    But one thing is clear
    Stay clear
    Off our business
    You have more serious business
    In sambisa
    Don't try to suppress us
    For this time
    We're gonna blow your mind

    Buritia your boys are talking
    On your behalf
    Well before you end like Muritala
    Walai not even your lies
    Would dice us
    For we're fed up
    With your cooked up stories
    Tell them that their apologies are dopey
    For they're double dealers
    And we can't be fooled around as before
    So tell your master
    That knucklehead
    We ain't quitting
    And his silence means his guilty
    Till our demands are met
    Our kismet is in our hands
    So Buritia tell them to stand back
    Else y'all will lose your stand