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    Today on #WorldMentalHealthDay I'd want to tell something, something that concerns probably a half a million people just in this platform (approximately) anyways what I wanted to tell was, Quoting Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S , "Welcome to the real world, it sucks , you'll love it ".....this is something I've always found do ironical maybe because I started seeing friends series while I was in 9th standard and din't exactly know why I would love the world tho it sucks.....as I grew up , it started making more sense to me . I lost a lot of friends , a lot of people whom I loved genuinely be it a family member or the person I thought I'd end up with. It was a rollercoaster of journey and when I say rollercoaster I don't mean the typical cliché type but rather the long-one-way-to-hell kinda rollercoaster.

    But beyond all these what I actually wanted to tell was I have known the deeper scars and pains to be where I'm today and I have no regrets whatsoever. If what had happened din't happen I wouldn't be where I'm.

    Like they say , words are easy to tell but actions prove otherwise. Life is a rollercoaster to which destinations are unknown , though if we want it to go in a negative way it'll lead us to hell , and vice versa to heaven. It all depends on one thing


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    "Life happened"

    The Destination was unknown ,
    The scenario's were aberrant.
    The people , promise's seemed too real,
    Although those musings which felt offbeat during the journey actually meant something.
    Something that remains a mystery.