• universilje 30w


    I love the honest, brilliant sound of sincerity.
    The naked bare bark of jaw dropping truth.
    I love my daughters carefree smiles at unknown strangers.
    I love the swell of my mothers tears as she watches a commercial or hears someone else's pain break her gentle old heart.
    I love watching pure unedited feelings flow out of people and touch others in that second like a child screaming for milk.
    The mothers instantaneously breastfeeding.
    No more pain.
    No rehearsals in nature.
    I love watching animal channels and seeing the instincts take over and even embrace so called mistakes as the seemingly brutal harshness of life become simply life's essentials.

    The zebra died so the cubs can eat.
    There's is no wrong or right.
    There's just is. Life.
    And we humans complicate it and call it love.
    We judge whether they have a right do it .
    I love honesty.
    I have seen love in Disguise.
    I have to say I love honesty it is pure and I myself have been fooled for people can confuse kindness for weakness.
    We are taught to fear.
    The unknown.

    We do it instinctively.
    How iconic.
    Expect we are in a sense more evolved than that and that was they're first mistake I am not a sheep for my gentleness I am neither a lioness for my fierceness.
    I am a multidimensional being who knows that nature is honest and some human beings carry out such atrocities in the name of love.
    That is why they do not trust no more in the pure kindness of others.
    In my kindness. In everybody's kindness.
    To trust.
    When the jaw dropping truth draws out in the midnight sky it can feel like a lie.
    When we face nature's powerful blinding beauty we want, want, want a filter over it and build a money making city over a priceless, radiating, healing jungle full of natural free medicine.
    For when children are told lies.
    And centuries have gone by.
    Who's to say why you have to believe in you're mothers wett tears as you try to understand why.

    Can't we all believe in our own humanity even though they've given us enough reasons to doubt our own purity and power.
    Them with they're fear greed ridden vultures for centuries keeping us scared for what.
    Merely cogs in they're money making machines in fear of each others supposed differences . Divide and conquer.

    As innocence dawns yet another sunrise.
    Can't we all fly. Can we trust.