• darrell_landstrom 5w

    Damn Your Ill Winds/Amor Fati

    Within the great wellspring
    Of willful, ungoverned being:
    A sunbeam curled into your core,
    Afire and full of overcoming.
    So fresh, so wild, and raw-
    An aspect of our youth inquires:
    Will you let it perfume and wither
    In the barren, fruitless
    Afternoons of necrotic angst?
    Or will you be suspended,
    Golden, ripe, and powerful,
    Amid the unending names of past?
    O immortal man, be what
    You are! Be whole and
    Beautiful in your convictions!
    Stay truth when it hasn't stirred you!
    Surrender your conquest for
    Essence beneath this mighty tree!
    Simply because the sun may come
    Upon these stunned vessels
    And shed an imposing image-
    Does not mean we are content-
    Does not mean we should accept
    These shades echoed around us!
    Look high into this veil
    As destiny shakes in cruel sickness!
    And keep high this bundle of woes,
    And wield mightily these old desires,
    To nurture, like an archaic star,
    The ancient mortal love of uncertainty!
    Should our herculean act prove idle,
    And our hands be shown empty,
    Then let new stars bloom like tumors
    Within our chests surfeit with light
    And crash like drunk fools
    Against the dark bulwarks of ruin!
    Fervent fate, impel us now!
    For who else has longed
    So zealously to embrace you with
    Such wayward hands as these?
    And we shall not damn your ill winds,
    For they have carried us here!