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    »Mr Umer (Father)
    »Mrs Umer (Mother)
    »Ali (the eldest son)
    »Mariyam (daughter; 2nd)
    »SANA (youngest daughter; protagonist)


    Theirs was a happily living family of five where the youngest daughter was just born and being the youngest one, she was a pampered member. Sana enjoyed the special treatment and affection but not for long.
    She could see her elder siblings having more fun in terms of going outdoor anytime they wanted, riding bicycles and playing video games. But the littlun could not communicate.
    Sana started fancying a charm, her only dream and that was to grow rapidly and be freed from the prison of age. The day arrived when the whole family was celebrating Sana's fifth birthday and she was gifted what she has been longing for , a bicycle.
    All three siblings were ready to set out for cycling but mom did not allow Sana to follow the elder siblings saying her to ride in the courtyard. Sana tried to insist :
    Sana: why cannot I accompany them, mama?

    Mother: (kissing her cheeks) you are still younger for that honey.

    Years passed and Sana's dream was still to pursue what her siblings did but she always stayed younger. Ali and Mariyam brought a form to father for his signatures as a token of permission to go on a school trip.

    Sana: Why can't I go too, baba?

    Father: because you are still younger for that my princess. I'll take you to the wonderland.

    Sana alongwith mom and dad left for Wonderland in a state of partial excitement. But the glance of giant wheel and motion rides ran an impulse of zeal in her. She shouted pointing towards the motion ride and wanted to experience the thrills but both the parents spoke at one


    "I am always young." she uttered with despair.

    The same words echoed when she saw Ali going abroad for studies and watched Mariyam wearing lipstick. Ali settled abroad and Mariyam got married. Thus all the care and focus of parents pivoted around the grown up Sana. To parents, children never grow old but here the care could be no less than a curse.
    Sana was emerging as a writer. She confined herself to her room upstairs and for most of the time she was lost in her diary.

    One day in the university she saw some banners with the words of her interest. There was written about the literary submissions to get nominated for the international recognition. She ran to the concerned department hurriedly. She filled the form and stood in long que of students anxiously waiting for submitting their attempts. Sana handed over her book with the form. The middle aged man sitting there looked at the details and addressed Sana saying that

    Sorry but YOU ARE STILL YOUNGER for this. Don't feel down and better luck for next time.

    Sana could no longer withstand these words and started weeping uttering that time has never been dynamic for me, it is always static, unable to make me older. Why do I always stand still younger? Sana departed without taking her book.

    But her wet eyes were no more going to beget the regrets. A month later Mr Umer received a letter, an official invitation to Sana in the grand international event a week later. Though her biological eligibility was rejected but fate took her book to reach in the hands of jury.
    Sana stopped dreaming when her dreams were about to come true, perhaps the dream she never could dare to see even. Sana alongwith her parents left for the event but least expecting the prize when she met the other OLDER nominees.
    Finally the moment came when there was a pin drop silence in the hall. All the lights were spotted over the judges who were going to announce the winner any moment. Media persons with cameras were quite focused and the air echoed with the name of

    "Sana as the World's YOUNGEST Writer of the Year"

    That day she understood what is fate. Staying younger she started hating but now she was never going to get old.
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