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    I'm confused which is my #zodiacsign

    Born on Saturday
    Last day of gemini season
    On first day of cancer season
    This Indian horoscope
    Tells me I'm sag
    And I'm an aries according to the first letter of my name
    Then, What I'm?
    Charming cancer/stubborn sag/hotness queen aries or Gemini gem?

    As peaceful and strong as air
    Can't be replaced
    I have dual a personality
    A devilish angel
    I do have good traits
    But I do commit sins
    As I'm not that great
    I'm passionate lover
    And I'm merciless when it comes to hate
    I know how to fly with the flow
    And how to fight with the fate
    I'm Gemini
    According to my birthdate

    I'm movable as water
    And I'm ice cold when I'm rude
    I protect my loved ones
    I'm fragile too
    I like to snuggle
    I swing my moods
    I never forget things
    I don't share my foods
    If I call myself cancer
    Is it collude?

    Can keep you warm from getting cold
    And can burn you down if you'll go overboard
    I'm talkative as hell
    Optimistic as well
    I'm really a holy soul
    And sarcastic dangerous when provoked
    With good sense of humour, a dirty mind is my part
    That's not all
    I have beautiful and kind heart
    I can't call Indian astrology wrong
    If they call me Sagittarius monk

    Cold as ice and hot as fire
    I'm down to earth and indeed bit higher
    Extrovert, positive, dominant and sexy
    Impatient,proud , idealist and risky
    I admit if I'm a killer
    I'm straight forward with no filter
    I can knock you out I'm wild wicked of a girl
    Think hundred times before you choose to quarrel
    Who don't believe in tales of fairy
    Am I really an aries?

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    Are they really gonna define
    What and who I am
    With good/bad facts of my zodiac sign?