• jibril_goodwin 5w


    You've always reminded me of the space that I was given back when I was better at understanding.

    But I can't fall for this fictional story that starts with no present time.

    With that being said , please don't have me press rewind because I can't go home without discovering your eyes.

    Too blind , too young , too proud , too foolish to understand a past of manipulation that has lead to self inflicted near death experiences. Only can be concerning when you're not alive.

    My friend , please don't press rewind
    Or they'll know you for who you are.

    But also understand that if you hide under these mental bunkers , I'll hide with you too.

    So please please please , don't press rewind because the past isn't over until someone tells the present to overcome the future's darkness.

    Then i will be okay to look inside.