• lstew1980 10w


    So much time wasted on illusions
    Too much time living in a world of dreams
    It's time to open my eyes to what's real
    Even though it's not what I want to believe

    This path I've walked has been a long journey
    Where I'm going and where I've been is the key
    The key to unlock my forever
    Its my time to live in reality

    Reality is dark and it feels bitter cold
    Reality is such a mess
    Staying hidden from the truths of my reality
    Is something I've always done best

    Now face to face with my demons
    A battle I fear I may never win
    Whether I win or I lose this fight tonight
    I just know I'll never be the same again

    My dreams had an abundance of beauty
    Reality a black hole of chaotic sludge
    In the dreams I drempt love was the answer
    Here everyone holds an endless grudge

    Compassion and The sweetest empathy
    Where everyone can be accepted
    Hate and no one giving a shit
    Where everything seems to be rejected

    Kind words and a soft touch
    A world of fairness where everyone's blessed
    Narcissistic ways and constant abuse
    So heavy does reality sit upon my chest

    So here I stand with my eyes closed
    As I bid farewell to the dreams which have always saved me
    Letting go of all I've ever believed could be true
    I must accept this as my reality.