• _muskan_jain 5w

    On a highway
    Which never ends...

    Far from noise,
    In an atmosphere of tranquility.
    I want to go there
    To hear my inner voice.

    To answer
    What, which, who and why's of life.
    To cure the pain,
    To ease the soul of mine.

    To cry without hide,
    To smile a lil wide.
    To forget chaos for a while,
    Just to revive the life.

    To feel warmth of day,
    To see beauty of night.
    While talking to the moon,
    Wanna touch the sky.

    Where no one judge,
    No one yells.
    Want to feel like in heaven,
    Just tired of this hell.

    To dry my pillows,
    Soaked in tears.
    Wash all the stains,
    Make everything clear.

    To shout out loud,
    Break silence of sorrow.
    A day of reticence,
    With no worries of tomorrow.

    Wanna go....wanna go...
    On a highway which never ends,
    The road with no bends....
    Want a day,
    With all relationships at an end....!