• psychonaut 30w

    "Suicide", she said, "is a coward's way out.
    They don't realise how much pain they pass on to other people.
    What I don't understand is, how can a person be so stupid to end their own lives?"
    That's when I had it.
    I got up.
    I dared her to go on.
    "Suicide", I said, "is in no way cowardly.
    A person felt so hurt, so troubled, that he decided to end his own life.
    He felt no hope, he felt alone because of people like you, who contribute to the stigma around mental health.
    And here you are, making a mockery out of it.
    If it would've been your close friend,
    Will you really not help her out? Is she so dead to you?" I asked her.
    "Maybe you'll realise what I mean, when you lose someone close to your heart;
    Knowing you could've helped him live.
    Knowing you could've ended the stigma, instead of contributing to it.
    So think. Think before you speak."
    And then I sat down,
    Satisfied with the ashamed look on her face.
    © Divya Vachhani