• gregwrites 6w

    There is an influence
    There just have to be
    For such a belief system and
    Behavioral pattern to be highly enforced
    So admist the smile, laughter and oneness
    Do you see us?
    Like do you really see us?
    I wish to plead
    But I'm crushed under the weight
    Of this Dilenma
    Do I plead for Mercy?
    Or do I plead for Justice?
    Would I be punish if I wasn't your minority?
    Wetin dey drive our identity sef ?
    Is it given or was it taken?
    With the whole doctrines on love and peace
    Somebody just said CHECKMATE!!!
    Am I to run or accept defeat?
    What happened when I said
    "Please I can't breathe"
    Did you leave me alive?
    Or did you dance on my corpse?
    And what side did you take?
    That of sentiment or that of truth
    I thought has much
    Institutionalized manipulation and lies
    Your conscience should address you better
    But you slew it too
    So I will ask you one last time
    Do you really see us like you see yourselves?
    Let me lay this straight
    Since you have crossed the Rubicon
    You are never one of us
    If you looking down on anyone