• ajthewriter 5w

    I wanted to tell you how to stop but all the mixed signals made fools of our mouths stuffing themselves into our faces without punctuation leaving us to figure this thing out all alone and without any help from the god of languages we babble on in Babylon speaking every which way about the meaningful things we think we know like closure and ownership of freedom which is still a form of slavery we speak of opening the clouds with rays which will not create a scar across the sky and cause the cry of rain and these are some of the univeral and deepened things of the mind which cannot be explained by determination or aggression and they cannot be explained by force or lack of self-control but with mercy and with faith with patience and with regard for the word that has always been and always will be the bottom line is this control is really not my thing I am merely here to soften you but if you do not know the face of self-respect or how to stop or where to rest or when take a goddamn breath you will think I am here to frustrate you to death

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