• wordsatile_ 21w

    Tales of our Soul

    Do i still love You ? Yes, maybe not in the way you think, i love you in a way where i want to undress your soul not your body. My Fingers travel through your soul unraveling your every scars dreams desires and your fantasies.
    I want to hear all your tales and all your dreams, you lying on my arms and looking up above the sky talking about everything and all i would do is to look in your eyes and listen to you. All i would do is how to make you feel special every day , thinking about all the way to unveil your mysteries. Just losing in you is not something which i want, because you are an ocean and i don't know how to swim and get drowned in you. I want to be the ship which sails along with you, touching you gracefully.Kissing every inch of the side and sailing in the ocean of love.