• _anjana 10w

    Untamed Corners

    The darkest corners of my brain
    kept on whispering some forbidden tales

    I walked briskly with steps so ardent
    to pluck out the weeds from my garden

    Was never brave enough to walk in dark
    but I piled up the courage in a guilt ridden heart

    While getting closer to the darkest corner
    the blaze inside me was getting stronger

    These corners devoured all my hate
    while smiling in silence over my fate

    Those mystifying corners were the answers
    Which remain unchanged with changing weathers

    Against these eyes habituated to lies
    Wisest corners wore the darkest disguise

    The wisest corners of my brain
    again smiled in silence, over my fate

    These untamed corners habituated to pain
    secretly whispered....the poetry I made