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    Let's turn off the digital network
    And disconnect the Wi-Fi for a while
    Let's take a break from the chaos of life
    And go for a visit to the stars in the sky

    Samsung Galaxy may often hang up
    And fail to give you the company everytime
    But galaxies of stars will rather hang you out
    Of all the sorrows and pains your heart carried there

    Cold milkshakes or hot glass of milk
    May not turn your mood on during every hold
    But stars of Milky Way will definitely set you free
    From all stress, pressures, mood swings and boredom

    Life frequently offers all sorts of obstacles
    To perfectly entangle our path towards goals
    But spending time with stars in Constellations
    Will teach you the way of turning entangles into perfect patterns

    So don't feel shy or think twice
    To share your secrets with the twinklers of the universe
    Just witness their magic of medicating all problems
    And how they give you a back a silver-kissed life

    So let's run to the world of stars tonight
    Galaxies, Milky Way, Constellations- wherever they are
    Let's welcome them lovingly to step in our small world
    And hug them tightly to mend our broken life!!����⭐✨

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