• saishankar 24w


    Mirakee is a platform for writers to show their talents and also a place where readers could read beautiful posts of other users!

    As writers we are supposed to be broad minded people!

    We are supposed to be different from others who see the world through a narrow keyhole!

    Recently an amazing writer was terminated from Mirakee because she wrote a post about kissing!

    What's wrong with writing a post about kissing?

    Is kissing a sin?

    The reason Mirakee team told was,it is a children friendly app!


    Children don't kiss?

    I am sure even children have their crushes and they too dream about holding hands or kissing!

    (I am sure I have dreamt about it!)

    To all the haters who reported her post -

    Are you guys happy now?

    Please act your age!
    Grow up!

    We are living in the 21st century!

    Please don't report posts without reading it fully!

    I am sure that she is a talented writer and she didn't use any vulgar picture!

    As a writer she has full freedom to express her feelings and as fellow writers we are supposed to encourage her!

    Shame on you guys!