• dauntlessgal 10w

    We walked side by side holding hands,
    And wind was blowing against your hair
    I looked at you and wanted to feel that way for the rest of my life.
    And only if we could go back to the days when our love was less dead and more alive
    Where I stroked your hair as you sat near me, out of love and not out of habit,
    And when we wouldn't misunderstand each other like adults, instead fight and laugh like kids
    It's been a while since we sat down with each other and embraced the scars that our pasts left us
    I fear we'll turn into another scar of each other's futures,
    Now the blood in your eyes appears a little less red for me to recognise
    Is it just me, or have we both got used to hiding our pains beneath our lies?
    Being in each others' arms was an escape from the never ending expectations, and our kisses were enough to take us out of the world,
    And all our pains would seep out when our skins touched.
    Now, no matter how tight we hold on to each other, the emptiness somehow seeps in
    And no matter how hard we try to be close, the air gaps are still left unsealed,
    I told you I was afraid of the dark, unless it's my home
    And you were my home,
    I lost my way home and now
    I'm homeless,
    We kept our promises, we stayed, even when love left us.
    Maybe the world's not about everything happy and we also have sorrow in our halves.