• som_ehope_manem 10w

    What does mean happiness?

    Happiness is feeling yeah! we're all know that
    What we don't know is: that happiness is an action we take to feel it.
    Happiness is heavy word to use , it's just couple moments we live ,we can feel happy for 10 seconds ( you must be Moody person) or for 2days ( you must be lucky to get this level) and then this beautiful feeling will vanish not forever but for days , sometimes I feel happy then I doubt that because when I don't have the strong reason behind this feeling so it must the overdose of Chocolate
    Mark Mansonw once said “ that happiness comes from solving your problems” . That means, it's an activity it's an action like I said before and you don't find it waiting for you in place and say « come my little baby to my arms», No , you need to move your ass and solve the issues that you're facing everyday.
    Try to learn something new that's will make you feel happy
    Try to make plans for your future that's will make you feel happy
    Try to achieve something that's will make you feel happy
    It's always about the action the move that we take
    You have to MOVE MOVE MOVE.

    At the end I believe that whatever make us happy today will no longer make us happy tomorrow because our biology always needs something more.