• noorderlicht 23w

    You brought light to the darkness
    and left without a trace.
    You captured the sun in your heart
    and your eyes became a pair of silver moon.
    Your sons and daughters as stars
    twinkled around you and went shooting
    away, landing on different places.
    They carried dreams with them;
    the dreams me and you didn't know of
    and we prayed upon God who made us
    a mere creation.

    You're the boy I cannot name
    for I never really knew you.
    Nobody knew you.
    Were you just a part or were you creating your
    own splendid parts?
    You're such beautiful chaos and my eyes;
    my bare eyes can't help but delight
    the view of your natural snowy furore.
    I'm lifeless today without your madness
    like rain water seeping into my skin.

    You are an enigma and a ruination-
    the kind that puts pieces of devastation back.
    You complete things that cannot be completed by these simple hands as mine.
    But, then boy, there's a time when you leave.
    You dissipate back into the sky and watch the world for what it is not.
    You look where to advance and then you forge again.