• maximumdominique 9w

    A poem for Kim Namjoon. A memeber of a boy group called BTS whom I loved since 2013. Not even once have I seen them performed in person, hence the "No cross paths nor existence felt" line.
    It is difficult to fall in love with someone who doesn't know you exist. In my case, although a celebrity is a real person, it felt like he is a fictional character, someone that's too good to be true. Both Kim Namjoon and I don't exist in the same dimension.

    That doesn't mean that I'm not okay with him falling in love with someone though because from the very start, I know that I'm just a fan.

    #BTS #KimNamjoon

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    You were in my poems
    and unsent love letters
    You are always in my mind
    without you knowing

    That's why I'm going to say this
    to the world so you might hear
    My unrequited love for you
    and your message

    I pray for our time to come
    but serendipity's not on my side
    No cross paths nor existence felt
    you and I are never meant