• hafsaanjum 5w

    Your silent lover..
    Unknown part of your life
    Whome you have not yet discovered
    I still remember that summer
    Where I saw you wrapped with
    Life's beautiful colours
    Everyday I day dream
    Of us getting together
    But when you pass as a stranger
    It takes a while for my heart to recover
    Times you cried
    It felt like my eye's were the one with tears
    Everytime people left you alone
    I thought of holding your hand and say
    That I'm right here
    Then you found someone
    Who claimed to love you forever
    I don't know why it was so hard for me
    To smile with my failed endeavor
    The only thing I can do is
    To hope to be rediscovered
    Here I am be being unknown part of your life
    Called your silent lover