• poet_queen 5w

    Everytime I hear your voice,
    Immaculate calm drenches me.
    When am soaked in fury,
    Your words are all I hang on.
    I trust you,but better,I need you,
    I need to have, to love you.
    Your face is the brightest,
    Your smile ,pure refined candy.
    A heart made of caramel,
    Sweet,tough in ice,yet melts to the slightest heat,
    I'd savour a chunk everyday.
    You are my miracle,
    My gift of which I may be unworthy.
    And all the memories,
    The days of laughs,
    Evenings of mischief, sometimes sorrow,
    It's desperate to embrace the nostalgia,
    But it makes me feel fond,
    Like you are somewhere in my chest,
    like I could pull you out and embrace you.
    Someday,...soon, we'll meet once more,
    And the years that seem to have flown by,
    We shall cry them away,
    Remember it all over a bottle of whiskey,
    Perhaps the smokes that comfort us now.
    I love you bff,
    You are my hero,my sweet donut..