• beaubearic 4w

    Dusty roads

    I write like I fight like I like the dark cuz I'm knocking out lights/
    crack attics that fell off the wagon I'm back at it again/
    From past to present all my brothers have been mexican/
    They love to gimme shit cuz I can mimic spm/
    But I'll prolly never be on a mexican woooaah radio/
    No, I'm a Mr. Clean lookin mother fucker/
    With a face that says I'm a fighter not a lover/
    But I bet theres a few females out there who would beg to differ/
    I'm a rapper it doesnt matter
    what the tattered pitter patter /
    filthy literal lateral ladder losers
    in limbo think of me these mad hatter haters
    will say anything as they climb together
    in a gathered group of battered newbs  /
    and get slayed by what I say
    cuz I'm better than all put together

    I'm just yet to be discovered
    I live in a town where talent gets covered
    and overlooked but not discouraged
    cuz I keep writing like a storm forming and by now I've written enough lightning
    that I can spark a fire under the industry's ass
    and record some tracks
    Get me out of my mind and get my hand in with one foot in the door no hand outs so if your hands out you can bounce and every word counts like quarters at the laundry mat so
    If you throw dirt on me I will come out clean like a fresh wash out the washing machine and believe me when I say I tried to earn wings but I grew some horns
    My words spinning around your head like a swarm and this has been my destiny since I was born

    Everywhere I need to go it's another dusty road
    And every time I look around lookin up n down side to side now no one can be found
    Am I gonna stay alive in this jungle i dont know not many survive threw the struggle
    It's a man eat man kill lifestyle always up hill in a battle so many miles traveled so many more to go just gonna stick to my dusty road