• amateur_conversationalist 9w

    Second Home

    The sea is my second home.
    She was the Food to my hunger,
    Hope for my dreams,
    Relief for my pain,
    The sea fascinates me with her epitome of love
    Giving me a chance to find the same in me
    But why did she have to take away my soul along with her?
    Even then
    My mamma sea
    Dint stop her blessing,
    She hugged me
    With her waves and
    All I realized this time was that I'm a new human being!
    And now the other side of the island was beautiful too...
    She still didn't stop her blessings.
    She decided to
    Instill the hope in me
    But destiny turned everything upside down.
    The crowd was huge, but
    I became the one,  weeping!
    Across the street in eternal wait to restore my hope!
    Perhaps, Untill my last breath.