• nirmalya_panigrahi 9w

    Books like phoenix come alive when burnt.
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    230 Celsius

    Smell of burning paper
    Slowly turning to ashes
    coal beneath the crucible

    I went near the gather
    Young lads, messy head,
    Fingers with ink stench
    like the authors.

    The pachment dripped
    Melting the binding as it bleed
    Yellow flames
    feeding yellow pages;
    I am irked.

    In the hands of those men
    Sat a bunch of papers new,
    That held me back;
    I yield.

    A hoarce voice went,
    "What use of your book
    buried away in shelves;
    well-kept but never read"

    "I have dug deep
    into the fading lines,
    Lent my sleep
    to the paper scent
    I have learnt all of it;
    Now it may burn"

    "To be revived, rewritten;
    For every book demands
    a worthy last read,
    before it's ashes
    make it to the urn."