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    We always complain that we are given more than what we can handle. It's true. If we only knew what that truly meant, we would stop complaining and start showing more gratitude. Take a moment to be honest with yourself and think deeply. Reflect. Think of all of the things that you have. Are you handling them correctly? You are given a heart that has the capacity to love until no limit can be drawn, but somehow, you build a tiny little wall around it to protect it. But what are you protecting it from? What keeps it beating? Your heart has the capacity to give because it wants to, not because it has to, but somehow you convince yourself to stop it from giving unless it must. It has the capacity to flutter with happiness over the simplest, most beautiful details of life: a child's smile, a mother's hug, a random act of kindness on the street, the determination in someone's eyes, a kind word, etc. Yet, somehow, you make it immune to seeing those things because you're so busy looking for bigger sources of happiness, not realizing that, if you can't appreciate the little things, you can never appreciate the bigger ones. They may satisfy you temporarily, but they will never bring you true happiness simply because they don't last, or your interest in them fades. You have a mind that has the capacity to be the most logical. It can talk you through any kind of problems that you have, yet you convince yourself that others can solve them for you better than you can. Your mind has the ability to put you first, yet you allow yourself to let others make you doubt yourself. Before you complain of being given more than what you can handle, think of everything that you already have that you take for granted. If you think that you've been given more than what you can handle, you must have been given more than what you deserve.

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