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    The misty usher of dewdrops dwell on the spiderwebs, dangling between the weak branches of two old trees. I see a reflection of my past life in the mirror like drops. One of them, falls down... and the reflection shatters into a dull poodle of nothingness. Maybe that is how my life is like now, dull.
    Now, I search here and there, the remains of past years. But they are buried inside that dusty journal which has endured the roughest and smoothest times of an angsty teenager who looked up at the night sky and wondered what lied beyond the empty void of adulthood. And always, there was an answer, "change". But, what exactly was change?
    I see the stream of water gliding down the bed of pebbles and taking up a pace, forming a fast river, as fast as my life. Yes, those pebbles were the vivid teenage years..... all different and wondrous but served the same purpose of leading an unstable, lunatic stream that went out of its path now and then, into a serene, sorted river.
    And this river will one day be lost in an ocean of graves, being a victim of this orgulious protagonist of life's story, age.
    Age is just a number, adding wrinkles, subtracting curiosity, multiplying money, dividing happiness. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter, because no matter how much and how long you calculate, it always turns out 0. :)

    So maybe live a little more now?����
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