• jaaatiooo 6w

    Poisoned Necter

    Like a rare flower
    What a beauty you are
    Carefully crafted by nature
    An astonishing sight of a being so pure

    Like a disoriented insect
    Looking for something perfect
    I got caught in the cloud of your scent
    In an instant, I stopped being sane

    I was "Zombie-fied"
    Void of thoughts, I just "fly-ed"
    I was helpless, fully at your mercy
    Once addicted to what I see

    But you, oh you! You made me feel
    You are my pill, and I was so ill
    I had in heart I needed you
    "Delusion-ed", I thought all I felt was true

    Alas! I was just being slaved
    My freedom was slowly being ravaged
    My soft tender heart was my chains
    And you seemed to enjoy me being in pains

    I got a taste of your nectar
    It was sour, yes! So sour!
    A golden goblet holding a sweet-smelling vile liquid
    A beauty of the outside but dead inside