• patriciaelliott 4w

    Mind at War

    My mind is a war zone
    No rest to be seen
    The battle is harried
    I need to be carried

    But who wants to listen
    To one such a I
    My worries are fears
    Trapping me in tears

    It's not real they say
    It's all in your head
    So just let it go
    There's nothing to show

    Crestfallen and sad
    And oh so mad
    I fall to the ground
    As shadows doth abound

    I want to give up
    The chances are there
    But the one high above
    Sees me there

    He lights the way
    As he draws me near
    Hang on, little bird
    Let's have a word

    You aren't alone
    I'm right there with you
    All that you feel
    I feel it, too.