• soni_27 10w

    Some wishes lie as unknown to history doomed on repeating it,
    When ignorant as fools and complaining to humanity ways,
    Is Justice prevail to be liable for such beings,
    Their nature does not permitting lead the wrong ways,
    But isn't truth a naked certainty prevailing unfolding between whatever the expectancy,
    Life goes on between pitfalls to chambers of success who falls down who dare cares,
    What's left behind are just surrogacy of emotions and clusters of beliefs that takes pride of attitude and people chuckling behind as backbiters taming you in shame,
    Ultimately there will be the person left as an introvert keeping up with mundane life far away from the stereotype away from hypocrisy making a fence keeping away walking as on eggs shells and enjoying gaiety of self magnitude for that's his final solitude to live by own standard of living turning a deaf ear of what's happening in the surrounding living a life nominated as a jester but lastly sanity is far much better then masked legacy.

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    Evacuation of ignorance

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