• jodoes12 5w

    My old oak tree

    Imagine if humans grew on trees
    And our hearts fell off instead of leaves.
    And we were the reason that there’s air to breathe
    Would we cut each other down without hesitation or reprieve?
    Imagine if the fruit that flowered was our infectious smiles
    We’d line the streets and you’d see happiness for miles.
    Can you picture us hanging out over a park
    Bodies swaying in the wind, skin against bark.
    You’d look up and see arms, hands and faces.
    Holding each other up and together in the most intimate places.
    Protecting our roots and where we have grown
    We’d stand strong side by side like the very ground was our own.
    Imagine our rainbow underneath the sky
    Our multicoloured canvas stapled up high.
    We’d blossom together and we’d fall in crowds
    Everyone would grow and stretch towards the clouds.
    We’d all huddle together in the cold autumn rain
    And if our branches were snapped we’d all feel the pain.
    We’d constantly be in a cycle of death and rebirth
    Imagine what would happen if we were the earth.
    And every time we died we were replanted
    Would we poison it, pollute it and take it for granted.
    Can you picture it, can you try to see
    If we all lived and died equally.
    Maybe we are the answer,
    we hold the keys.
    Imagine if humans grew on trees.