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    This is the world of anarchy;
    The world is witnessing the devil's monarchy.

    Satan has arrived to punish everyone for their crimes;
    We are moving towards the end times.

    Everything is going to be consumed by the ultimate unity;
    Fallen angels will rise and they will join their infernal deity.

    Those heavenly gods will turn evil;
    Everyone will bow before the devil.

    The demons will judge everyone;
    They will give justice to each and everyone.

    Even the gods won't escape the ultimate judgement;
    A new order will be established for the world's improvement.

    It's the era of Lucifer, it's the era of Kāli and it's a dark age;
    Beware because, it's the time of the ultimate ravage.


    This poem is purely fictional and it's just for fun. So, please don't take it seriously. In this poem, the poet is describing the days during the end of the world. He is warning everyone because, he believes that, in the end, the demons will punish all the sinners and they will torment the criminals in the hell. He is giving us an idea that, during the end times, the demons will judge everyone and they will punish all the sinners. Once, again this is just a fictional poem and so, please don't take it seriously. If anyone feels offended then, please skip this poem. I hope you all like this poem. Stay happy, stay blessed. Peace...✌️❤️ #poetry

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