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    An Ae Freislighe (ay fresh-lee) is an Irish syllabic stanza form. Since this is our first Celtic form here, it is worth noting that almost all the Irish or Welsh forms are complex patterns of rhyme, alliteration and consonance. To get them into English, adjustments have been made - lest any poetry purist pop up and angstify about that...  

    This one is a quatrain (four line) stanza of 7-syllable lines. 
    Lines 1 and 3 rhyme in triple rhymes. 
    Lines 2 and 4 rhyme in double rhymes. 
    The poem (not the stanza) should end with the same first syllable/ word or line that it began with. 

    Diagrammed, it would look like this: 

    1. x x x x (xxa) 
    2. x x x x x (xb) 
    3. x x x x (xxa) 
    4. x x x x x (xb) 

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    Mind agile yet capricious
    Easily losing oneself
    From soul being lubricious
    Mind, oh mend ways to ownself