• london_sky 5w


    All my dreams go down the drain
    Washed away by the rain
    All my effort left in vain
    My heart left in pain
    Falling to my knees I pray
    That everything will be okay
    That this night will turn to day

    Tonight winter stands at my doorstep
    Welcoming me with it's summer rain
    I forget my name in this place
    As I am met with a new face
    I am all alone my dreams all gone
    In hopes my future won't be doomed
    But that I will be a flower bloomed

    Tonight I need Hope
    Tonight I need this rain to cope
    The winter comforting my longing for something better.
    Tonight I lie through my teeth as I step towards what I hope is light
    I take chances tonight
    I risk everything and give everything to this fight.
    Tonight I need hope
    I need hope